Dr.S.Himavathi, B.E.,M.E.,Ph.D
Phone: 0413-2655281-288, Extn.:504

Educational Profile:
Specialization : Fuzzy Modelling and Implementation for Non-linear systems
Class : Highly Commended
Institution : College of Engineering, Chennai
University : Anna University
Course : Instrumentation
Class : First Class
Institution : MIT, Chennai
University : Anna University
Course : Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Class : First Class
Institution : College of Engineering, Chennai
University : Anna University

International Journals:
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National Journals:
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International Conferences:
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Professional Experience:
  1. "Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engg, Pondicherry Engg College, Puducherry (2011 - till date)
  2. "Professor and Head Department of Electrical and Electronics Engg, Pondicherry Engg College, Puducherry (2008-2011)
  3. "Assistant Professor,Department of Electrical and Electronics Engg, Pondicherry Engg College, Puducherry (1999-2007)
  4. "Lecturer,Department of Electrical and Electronics Engg, Pondicherry Engg College, Puducherry (1990-1999)
  5. "Assistant Engineer,Instrumentation and control,Tata Consulting Engineers, Bangalore. (1987-89)
  6. "Teaching /Research Fellow, Madras Institute of Technology, AnnaUniversity, Chennai.(1984-1987)

Academic and Administrative Responsibilities:
  1. "Head of the Electrical and Electronics Engg Department,Pondicherry Engg College (2008-2011)
  2. "Chairperson, Board of Studies, Pondicherry Central University, Puducherry (2008-2011)
  3. "Chairperson, EEE Evaluation Board, Pondicherry Central University, Puducherry (2008-2011)
  4. "Vice chairperson, PG studies, EEE Department, Pondicherry Engg College, Puducherry, (2008-2011)
  5. "Nodal Officer-Equity Action Plan, TEQIP, Pondicherry Engg College
  6. "Institute Co-ordinator, QIP
  7. "Dean(Research), PEC

Projects and Research Guidance :
Areas of Research:
  1. Neural Network Applications to Electrical Drives
  2. Image Processing/Pattern Recognition using Neural Networks
  3. Fuzzy Modelling and Control
  4. Pattern Recognition using Intelligent Techniques
Funded Projects
Role :Principal Investigator
Topic :AI Techniques for Electrical Drives
Agency :AICTE, New Delhi
Amount :Rs.8 lakhs
Duration :Three Years Project Guidance
  1. Neural Network Architectures for Device Identification Using Harmonic Signatures, M.Tech(EDC), 2013
  2. Performance Enhancement of Direct Vector Controlled IM Drives using NN Based Estimators, M.Tech(EDC), 2012.
  3. Techniques for Improvements in Performance and Efficiency of Space Vector Modulated Inverters, M.Tech(EDC), 2011.
  4. Rotor Time Constant Estimator for Induction Motor Drives, M.Tech(EDC), 2011.
  5. Reactive Power Based Technique for Rotor Resistance Estimation in Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives,M.Tech(EDC), 2010.
  6. Neural Based Flux Estimators for Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives, M.Tech(EDC), 2009.
  7. Neural Network Approach for Speed Estimation in High Performance Sensorless IM Drives, M.Tech(EDC), 2009.
  8. Performance Enhancement of Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives using Neural Network Based On-Line Estimators, M.Tech(EDC), 2008.
  9. Design of MRAS and Observer Based On-Line Estimators for Induction Motor Drives, M.Tech(EDC), 2008.
  10. NN Based Modulator for VSI Drives", M.Tech(EDC), 2008.
Ph.D Completed titles
  1. Design And Performance Analysis Of Neural Network Based Speed Estimators For Sensorless Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives.
  2. Design and Validation of Neural Network Based Flux Estimator for Various Applications in Vector Controlled IM Drives.

Professional Activities:
Reviewer of the following:
  1. "IEEE Industrial Electronic Society-International Conference IECON conducted every year
  2. "AMSE journal -France
  3. "International journal of Neural Networks-Elsevier publishers
  4. "International conference on Neural Networks ICON
  5. "Reviewer for International Conference IICPE 2007.

Courses Taught:
  1. Microprocessors (UG)
  2. Digital Design using VHDL (UG)
  3. Analog and Digital Integrated Cicuits (UG)
  4. Neural Networks (PG)
  5. Fuzzy Control (PG)
  6. Microcontrollers (PG)